In Support of Libraries

I'm an insatiable reader. Always have been, always will be. Reading takes me to another world, one where I can be innumerable people and live innumerable lives.

Reading teaches me empathy, gives me new ways of looking at the world, and teaches me the best of what other people have already figured out.

As an insatiable reader, books can become a very expensive habit. The cheapest solution? Libraries. The most space-efficient solution? Libraries. I can read hundreds of books a year, without ever having to buy or store any of them. 

I live in a rough neighborhood, but it's only two blocks from the biggest public library in San Francisco. I believe firmly in supporting public libraries, and what a library this is. Six stories tall. Hundreds of thousands of books. Seven days a week, books at my fingertips. Ninety percent of what I read comes from this library.