Those Who Dared

In my family, Army colors run deep. My family are the reason I can automatically make friends with anyone using USAA. They are the reason I still get goose bumps during any patriotic song. They are the reason I will always cheer for Army. They are the reason I'm grateful anytime I see a uniformed service member. 

This Veterans Day, like every Veterans Day and its counterpart Memorial Day, has me thinking of my family and all the veterans out there. Has me thinking of the incredible sacrifices each veteran makes and the wonderful example they set. 

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Wallace Stegner

Crossing to Safety 

As you dig into the history of the American West, Wallace Stegner's name comes up again and again. A champion of both the West and natural spaces, his name is listed amongst the greats: Thoreau, Abbey, Steinbeck, Muir. 

I didn't discover him until recently, in this year of naturalism, introspection, and Western exploration I've been having. As I've become more engrossed in the outdoors, and driven to rediscover the Montana of my childhood, Stegner's name became familiar to my ear. 

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In Support of Libraries

I'm an insatiable reader. Always have been, always will be. Reading takes me to another world, one where I can be innumerable people and live innumerable lives.

Reading teaches me empathy, gives me new ways of looking at the world, and teaches me the best of what other people have already figured out.

As an insatiable reader, books can become a very expensive habit. The cheapest solution?

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