National parks have always been part of my life.

I was indoctrinated into the myths and magic of national parks before I can remember. Hazy memories shaped by family photos and our well-worn stories are all that remain of visits to Yellowstone and Haleakala during my first few years of life. Later, I toted cameras through Arches, Shenandoah, and all the parks we explored as a family, steadily upgrading from disposable cameras to rudimentary point-and-shoot to basic DSLR. In recent years, I've explored more parks near and far, accompanied by friends or alone, iPhone in hand. 

As various factors converged to threaten our parks, the need to compile and share my photos of each park grew. Many things, from climate change to the Drumpf administration to the simple fact that life is passing us by each day, spurred me to act. 

This is my attempt to share my photos of every national park in America, before it's too late. 

About Me

I believe in good food. I believe in mental, physical, and financial health. I believe in a mix of stability and risk-taking. I believe in fun adventures and hard work, positivity and self-care. I believe in quiet nights in and conversations until 4am. I believe in good people, good wine, and small kindnesses. I believe good books are a sacred gift, and so much more. 

I've tried and failed to narrow my focus when it comes to pursuing a good life. I'm curious. I have broad, varied interests. I believe in a well-rounded, holistic approach. 360 degrees. Wellness in all areas of life. 

In the "Musings" section, you'll find a taste of those varied interests. Everything from book reviews to farmers' market shopping lists. In-season, local recipes. Photographs from daily adventures, urban and rural. Musings on life. Healthy eating explorations. Travel writing. Meditations, self-care, and morning rituals.

In short, a bit of everything that makes up a good life.